Blue Light Solutions

1. protect your eyes

Choose a screen cover for your digital device. Screen covers are a better choice than glasses. Reticare® offers an excellent screen cover that has been shown in scientific studies to reduce the damaging effects of blue light on the retina. Use the promo code drkara for a 10% discount, and 10% more gets donated to the educational initiative. Another product is EyeSafe®, which scientifically verifies the decrease in high energy blue light from your LED screens.

If you prefer to wear protective glasses, choose high quality lenses such as BluTech®.

Make sure that your diet includes Lutein & Zeaxanthin. These are found in many of the foods that we eat, such as kale, spinach, and egg yolks. They may also be supplemented in the form of vitamins.

2. Protect your sleep

Try to get full sunlight in the morning. This helps to keep your body alert and functioning better during the day. If you live in a location that makes it hard to get enough sunlight, use a full spectrum light such as a Happy Light®, which mimics the sun's natural light rays.

Avoid blue light before bed. Using digital devices in the evening disrupts your circadian rhythm, negatively impacting your sleep. To minimize blue light exposure at night:

•Unplug 2 hours before bed
•Change your screen tones to warmer colors
•Use "Night Mode" setting if your device has it
•Use f.lux to allow your screen to automatically adjust colors depending on the time of day.
•Choose yellow screen covers for your devices. I recommend Reticare® screens for devices you already own, and EyeSafe® display for devices you plan to purchase.
•If there isn't a screen available for your device, wear blue light blocking glasses. You can purchase these from an optical shop, or online from many retailers, such as Melanin Products®.

3. protect your family

Employers: protect your work family, whether they work from home or in the office.

  • Use protective equipment at the office, including blue light reducing computer screens and eyewear.
  • Provide screen covers or blue light reducing eyewear for use at home.
  • Encourage your employees to get enough sleep. Reducing blue light in the evenings can improve quality of sleep, which leads to higher functioning employees.
  • Encourage real-life solutions, such as morning sunlight exposure and healthy diet.

Parents: protect your children by reducing their exposure to blue light as much as possible.

  • Have your child "unplug" before bed. Keep digital devices out of their bedroom to establish healthy digital habits.
  • Use screen protectors rather than glasses to ensure that their eyes are always protected.
  • Set device screens to night mode, or use f.lux to automatically change screen settings throughout the day.

dr. kara's biohacks

These are the products and practices that I use at home and at the office to keep myself and my family safe.

1. Screen Protectors for phone and computer. Choose science-backed products like Reticare® and EyeSafe®.
2. Screen Tones to decrease screen brightness, such as Night Mode (on certain devices) & f.lux
3. Evening Glasses like Melanin Products® blue light blocking glasses when using digital devices at night.
4. For my staff: Devices with EyeSafe® screens.
5. For my kids: Unplug!! Limit screen time as much as possible, and always use screen protectors on kid's digital devices.
6. For my body: Maintain a healthy diet, including foods rich in Lutein/Zeaxanthin.
7. To reduce Eye Fatigue:  Wear +1.50 glasses or anti-fatigue lenses, and preservative free artificial tears.

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