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The union of technology and humanity will raise the bar of medicine. Dr. Kara is harnessing medical technology to improve access to quality healthcare.

Troy Medical

Troy Medical

Approximately 20% of Americans live in rural communities. Over 80% of these communities are medically underserved. Troy Medical is dedicated to improving access to quality healthcare for these 53 million Americans.

With a hybrid in-person and telehealth model, using part-time physicians committed to the long-term care of local patients, Troy Medical delivers the highest quality medical care to remote and underserved communities. We provide personalized support for the patient and the medical expertise necessary to manage chronic conditions to the highest standards in the patient’s hometown.

Virtual Optix

Virtual Optix is focused on using extended reality solutions to solve real-world problems in medicine. The first product will demonstrate how extended reality can augment patient education by using immersive virtual reality experiences to demonstrate the visual outcomes of cataract surgery. In addition to improved patient understanding, this solution will also automate a segment of patient education, liberating the critically understaffed medical workforce for more direct patient care. 

Meet Dr. Kara Hartl

Dr. Kara has dedicated her career to raising the bar of medicine in rural and underserved America. After creating a world-class medical center in Alaska, Dr. Kara moved to Austin to expand access to rural healthcare across the country and solve real-world medical problems using innovative technology.

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Dr. Kara has been a featured thought leader across her field and has been honored with numerous awards for her leadership and innovation. 


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Dr. Kara is a dynamic and award-winning public speaker on topics ranging from the impact of Blue Light in the home and workplace to improving access to quality healthcare in rural and underserved America. 

Podcast Guest

Dr. Kara’s passion to make the world a better place is palpable and inspiring to any audience. She is a dynamic thought leader with the power to move mountains. As a frequent guest on podcasts, Dr. Kara looks to inspire others with her contagious energy.

Bring Troy Medical to Your Community

The need for quality medical care is everywhere and so many communities are suffering from limited access to care. If you understand this need and want to work with Troy Medical to bring a solution to your community, contact us! 

Dr. Kara Hartl has been inspired by her patients and her family to bring quality medical care to everyone! 

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