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Dr. Kara is a frequent interview guest discussing telehealth, rural healthcare, improving healthcare access, new medical technologies, and more.

Healthcare in Rural America

Rural healthcare faces several challenges that significantly impact the delivery of medical services to people living in these areas. One primary problem is the shortage of medical specialists in rural communities. These challenges create a significant gap in healthcare outcomes between rural and urban populations. Interview Dr. Kara on how telehealth is changing this.

The New Telehealth Solution

Troy Medical is creating a new gold standard in the long-term use of telehealth in rural America. This novel approach uniquely offers access to high-quality long-term medical care like never before. Interview telehealth expert Dr. Kara Hartl about how Troy Medical is raising the bar of healthcare and medicine in rural communities.

Technology: The Future of Healthcare

Technology has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry in countless ways, shaping the future of healthcare as we know it. These technologies enable medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients with greater precision, efficiency, and accuracy. Interview Dr. Kara Hartl on how technology will enhance the quality of healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

Podcast Guest

Dr. Kara Hartl is a renowned thought leader in healthcare. Dr. Kara is at the forefront of harnessing telehealth and technology to bring healthcare into rural and underserved America. Interview Dr. Kara and see how her passion is changing lives.

Dr. Kara giving an interview on telehealth as a guest on a healthcare podcast

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