What Is Blue Light?

by | Jan 3, 2021


Blue light is simply part of the light spectrum. This spectrum goes from high energy gamma waves (think cancer therapy) all the way through low energy radio waves (think HAM radio). This light scale represents the amount of energy these waves carry and thus the damage it can do to our bodies. Some of these names we already know. Super high-energy gamma rays are used to treat cancer in radiation therapy. Many people have heard of the “Gamma Knife” for focused treatment of brain tumors. These energy rays are so powerful, they destroy our tissue. X-rays are a common household term, but also carry radiation exposure and we know that too many X-rays are dangerous and can cause cancers. Next are ultra-violet rays, these are the rays that cause sunburns and skin cancer. Protecting our skin and eyes from the UV rays is why sunscreens and UV blocking in sunglasses are so important. Just below the intensity of ultraviolet is the visible light spectrum which goes from violet-blue-green-yellow-orange-red. Below that is the infrared, microwaves and radio waves. This is in order of declining energy.

We all understand that rays that kill cancer must have a LOT of energy; other rays that cause cancer, such as X-rays and ultra-violet rays, are also very dangerous. But, blue light is just below this level and is a significant part of the LED spectrum that is emitted from our computers, phones and tablets. This is especially important now because the entire world is on line and our dose of blue light has just been Super-Sized.

And the damaging effects are proportional to power and dose. A small dose of gamma rays will cause extraordinary damage. Too much exposure to ultra-violet rays will absolutely cause skin cancer. We are now exposing ourselves to the high-energy blue lights all day long and we need to start thinking about what this increased “dose” is going to do to our bodies and our eyes. And, we need to think about what it is doing to our children who have been exposed since a very young age.

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